ASIC Australia Registration of Company

ASIC Australia is the government body that enforces and regulates Company and Financial Services laws. When you register a Company, you are also registering the company with ASIC, which we do electronically, on your behalf, along with the company registration process.

Part of the registration process involves the ASIC Australia Form 201: Application for Registration as an Australian Company. This form is completed and submitted electronically by our Cleardocs system, so that you don't need to visit an accountant or lawyer, or physically post copies of the documentation back to ASIC Australia. The registration process usually only takes a few minutes.

Cleardocs gives you a set of instructions to follow about who has to sign which document and what has to be done with the document next. Then you're ready to lodge with ASIC electronically through Cleardocs.

You don't need to send any of the signed documents to us. You are the lodging party and so are responsible for making sure the documents are signed. We don't need to check any of the documents as you do it all electronically.

We then email you the ACN, the Certificate of Registration, the Constitution, and various documents that need the ACN eg, the Share Certificates, the minutes of first meeting of directors, and the notification of appointment of Public Officer.

About ASIC Australia

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission enforces and regulates company and financial services laws to protect consumers, investors and creditors.

An independent Australian government body, ASIC has regulated financial markets, securities, futures and corporations since January 1991. From 1998 they became responsible for consumer protection in superannuation, insurance, deposit taking and, from 2002, credit. They report to the Commonwealth Parliament, the Treasurer and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer.

You can visit their site here: ASIC Australia