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Actuarial Certificate

Use Cleardocs to obtain your annual actuarial certificate for an SMSF that pays a pension. Your SMSF may require the certificate to qualify for an exemption from tax on SMSF income in respect of assets used to support the pension payments.

Heffron Expertise The actuarial certificate is provided to you through our partnership with Australia's Premium Comprehensive SMSF service provider, Heffron SMSF.

    For allocated, account-based and market linked pensions
    • Cleardocs fee incl GST $176.00
    For defined benefit pensions
    • Cleardocs fee incl GST $440.00
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How does the process work?

  1. If you do not have a Cleardocs account, register as a user.
  2. Log into your Cleardocs account.
  3. Select Actuarial Certificate from the Superannuation menu and click "Start a new order".
  4. You will be taken to the Heffron online order form which you will need to complete.

Once your request has been completed, Heffron will email the necessary documents to you:

    • for an SMSF providing allocated, account-based and/or market-linked pensions - an actuarial certificate; or
    • for an SMSF providing defined benefit pensions - an actuarial valuation.

Does the SMSF require a Cleardocs trust deed?

No, an SMSF does not require a Cleardocs SMSF Trust Deed to obtain an actuarial certificate through Cleardocs.

How long will it take for me to receive the actuarial certificate?

After you complete Heffron's online order form and provided the required documents and information, you will receive the actuarial certificate by email from Heffron:

  • for an SMSF providing allocated, account-based and/or market-linked pensions – within 1 business day
  • for defined benefit pensions – within 5 business days

How often does the SMSF require an actuarial certificate?

A separate actuarial certificate is required for each financial year that the fund wishes to claim a tax exemption.

Which SMSFs require an actuarial certificate?

There are two situations where an actuarial certificate is required:

  • a fund is paying an account balance pension - for example, account based or market linked – and the assets are unsegregated; and/or
  • a fund is paying a defined benefit pension - for example, complying lifetime, complying life expectancy or commutable lifetime.

You can use Heffron's handy flowchart to help you decide whether an SMSF requires an actuarial certificate.

What types of SMSFs can use Cleardocs to obtain their actuarial certificate?

We can provide you with actuarial certificates for all types and combinations of SMSF pensions – account based, market linked and defined benefit.

What is "segregation" and "segregated assets"?

Segregation is only relevant in determining when an actuarial certificate is required if the fund is not paying a defined benefit pension. If a fund is paying a defined benefit pension an annual actuarial valuation will always be required.

Specific assets within the fund are segregated if they are solely used to back the pension. This means that all members of the fund receive a pension with all of their balances for the entire financial year and the fund has no reserves.

A fund with both pension and accumulation balances might achieve segregation by earmarking specific assets for the pension balances and other assets for the accumulation balances. This is administratively complex and therefore relatively rare.

Bulk certificates?

If you are interested in a bulk order for actuarial certificates, then let us know. We can speak with our partners at Heffron about volume rates and special offers.

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