Registering A Company Electronically: How It Works

Registering a company electronically through Cleardocs is a 2-stage process. The time between Stage 1 & Stage 2 can be as short as one second or as long as you like.

Stage 1: Getting ready to lodge

Stage 2: Lodging and receiving the ACN

Stage 1: Getting ready to lodge

a) Create the documents and pay by credit card

You type in your answers:

  • to tailor the documents to the specific needs of the company; and
  • to personalise the documents with the relevant details.

When you finish typing in your answers, Cleardocs reviews them to make sure they meet ASIC requirements. For example, ASIC will reject your registration if a Director is under 18. So we check all ASIC's requirements for you before you lodge.

b) Download and check the documents

You download all the documents and check them for typo's etc. We give you all the documents to check even though some need the ACN which isn't available yet.

c) Sign the documents (or agree that they are to be signed)

If you are a professional firm, you can present the documents to your clients and bind them with your logo, style, and colours.

Cleardocs gives you a set of instructions to follow about who has to sign which document and what has to be done with the document next.

Then you're ready to lodge with ASIC electronicall through Cleardocs.

You don't need to send any of the signed documents to us. You are the lodging party and so are responsible for making sure the documents are signed. We don't need to check any of the documents as you do it all electronically.

Stage 2: Lodging and receiving the ACN

d) Return to

When you or your client has signed the documents, you come back to for the second stage.

e) Recall your document package

You click to recall the package of documents for the Company you are about to register.

f) Click to lodge

Click "Lodge with ASIC":

  • to confirm that all documents are signed;
  • to lodge the documents electronically and register the Company; and
  • to pay the ASIC fees of $538.00 on your credit card.

Then the Company is registered. It usually takes only a few minutes.

g) You receive the ACN, the Certificate of Registration, the Constitution etc.

We email you the ACN, the Certificate of Registration, the Constitution, and various documents that need the ACN eg, the Share Certificates, the minutes of first meeting of directors, and the notification of appointment of Public Officer.