Preferred supplier

Want to cut costs and add value to your service?

Cleardocs is used by more than 3,000 professional accountants, lawyers, financial planners and other large specialist business services and SMSF groups. Our unique technology and pricing has helped us become preferred supplier to many of Australia's largest networks of professional firms.

If your firm or group is currently using a traditional 'bricks and mortar' supplier for 'shelf-companies' and trust deeds, then we can offer you some significant advantages:

  • Immediate access to all documents (particularly useful towards the end of financial year, when many suppliers simply can't cope).
  • Print and bind the documents in your own group's branding. Don't promote another provider to your clients.
  • Significantly better pricing than traditional providers.
  • Free electronic storage and retrieval of documents online. You can even make changes after you have viewed the documents, to correct typos or other errors you might have made.
  • Legal updates relating to your documents emailed directly to you. Particularly with the Self Managed Superannuation Fund legislation changing so fast ... you can be assured we will keep you informed.

If you are looking at changing your firm's or group's provider, then we can help you through that review process. We understand that you need to be confident of both the documents and the technology, and so you will find useful information/samples of our documents on this site.

Legal questions?

Maddocks provides a free legal helpline to all Cleardocs customers and they are happy to answer any queries you may have about the documents. You can read more about Maddocks in our 'Partners' section.

Call us on 1300 307 343, or email to see how else we can help you.