Benefits of using Cleardocs

How does Cleardocs work?

Australian legal documents are created by completing an online question interface. Once questions are complete and payment is made, customised legal documents are immediately available to download and sign.

Cleardocs document packages:

  • allow users to set up companies, trusts, and SMSFs;
  • enables the creation of employment documents, including a HR Manual and contracts for employees, consultants and contractors; and
  • includes an Estate Planning offering, which consists of Wills and Power of Attorneys.

Your documents are stored online and can be accessed by logging into your Cleardocs account, 24/7, where ever you are in the world. No software required, you only need internet access to create Cleardocs legal documents.

Who uses Cleardocs?

Cleardocs is used by:

  • Accountants
  • Financial Planners
  • Lawyers
  • Business advisors
  • Entrepreneurs

Anyone who wants to quickly order legal and related documents.

Our cloud based solution facilitates the creation of Australian legal documents, 24/7.

Read our testimonials:

SK Lawyers first started using Cleardocs in 2011. We decided to try the Cleardocs online service because we needed a single point of call in a document creation provider and Cleardocs seemed to offer that. Since then, we have been completely satisfied with the Cleardocs solution. At SK Lawyers, we have heavy traffic and expanding needs for the establishment of SMSF and Corporate Trustee, SMSF bank borrowing and Company Registration. We continue to use Cleardocs because we don't have the resources to keep up with legislation and draft our own deeds in-house, and compliance is a priority for us.

- Peter Kuskie, Partner, SK Lawyers

I've been a Cleardocs user for about 8 years now. Cleardocs' easy to use interface is the reason I first chose to use Cleardocs. Using the interface for my Company, SMSF and SMSF Borrowing documents means I don't need to repopulate fields with data - my client's data is stored and duplicated during the document creation process so there's no need for me to re-enter information.

I use the SMSF Borrowing presentation as a resource quite regularly - it's a great time-saving tool which helps explain the borrowing process to my clients.

- David Reid, Director, Lorien Investments Pty Ltd
Why use Cleardocs?

With over 123,000 registered users and more than $4.6b* in SMSF loans facilitated, enjoy the Cleardocs benefits:

  • Fast, simple and easy to use
  • Up to date
  • Supported by Maddocks, top 20 law firm
  • Data feed import APIs, pre-population and other tools to enhance practice and client efficiencies
  • Free legal helpline for customers in relation to Cleardocs documents;
  • Registered ASIC agents

Cleardocs, a Thomson Reuters business, works closely with accounting, financial planning and law associations. Our business partners are integral to our offering and ensure documents are relevant to our users.

*Values current at September 2021

Our entire document suite on demand

With a wide range of documents, Cleardocs is the most comprehensive document suite available - all in one place. You can be confident that our documents are current and compliant, with compliance upgrades to popular documents just a few clicks away.