Company Registration

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ClearLaw articles relating to company registration

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Published Title
Mar 2017 Need help with Division 7A?
Feb 2017 Deregistering a company
Sep 2016 Why you should think twice before signing up for electronic signatures
Aug 2016 Company must-haves: a Constitution and company register
Aug 2016 Meeting basics: why are board minutes so important?
Jun 2016 Proposed digitalisation of company meeting notices
Apr 2016 Role of a Company's Constitution and a Shareholders Agreement
Nov 2015 Frequently asked questions and misconceptions about charity registration
Oct 2015 Updated information on what to consider when registering a company
Jul 2015 Inconsistencies between shareholders agreements and company constitutions
Jun 2015 Which jurisdiction should I choose for my company or trust deed?
Apr 2015 Deregulating corporations law — simplifying the law for companies
Feb 2015 Importance of execution of contracts by companies
Nov 2014 ASIC releases its Strategic Outlook 2014-15
Aug 2014 ASIC and CBA: greater scrutiny of financial planners on the horizon?
Jun 2014 Intrusive collection of personal information is a no-fly zone
Feb 2014 Key changes to privacy law explained: the impact on business
Jan 2014 Charities Act 2013 takes effect: meaning of charity clarified
Nov 2013 Electronic signatures: when are they effective?
Feb 2013 Key company law changes: proposed changes to paying dividends, and reporting on executive remuneration
Feb 2013 Understanding the differences between an agreement and a deed: lessons from 400 George Street (Qld) Pty Ltd v BG International Ltd
Feb 2013 Advertisers, not Google, are responsible for misleading content of sponsored links
Nov 2012 Privacy law modernisation: adapting privacy laws to the new information age
Sep 2012 Business through social media & the 'Accountable' account: businesses held responsible for public postings on Facebook
Sep 2012 Something to advertise or promote? Lessons from the Federal Court on misleading and deceptive conduct
Jul 2012 Insolvency issues for directors of not-for-profit companies
May 2012 What is a non-charitable, not-for-profit company?
Apr 2012 New national business names legislation replaces current state and territory system – How will it affect you?
May 2011 Business name registrations likely to move to a national online system: reforms proposed
Jan 2011 Division 7A and Unpaid Present Entitlements: determining the amount of a deemed entitlement
Jan 2011 ATO publishes draft taxation determination on interposed entity rules in Division 7A
Jan 2011 ATO guidance on exercise of Commissioner's discretion to disregard operation of Division 7A
Nov 2010 Related Party Transactions: ASIC guide for public companies, and reminders for proprietary companies
Mar 2010 Overview of some things to consider when registering an Australian company