Printing, binding and courier delivery

How does it work? Can I check the documents before they're printed?
  • For each document package ordered from Cleardocs, we will ask if you would like the printing, binding, and courier delivery service.
  • If you selected "yes," the expense for printing and binding will be included in the overall document cost.
  • To confirm your print order, please access your 'My Documents' page. During this confirmation process, you will be required to specify the delivery address for your document package.
  • If you have ordered anything other than a company document (ASIC), please carefully review the documents to ensure all details are accurate. If you need to make any changes, you have the flexibility to do so online through the Cleardocs platform at any time before you officially "confirm your print order."

Once the confirmation is made, the system will initiate an automatic process, and no further changes can be made to that specific printing and binding order.

ATTENTION: For company documents (ASIC), please note that once the company is registered with ASIC, it becomes immutable. This is because our system retains the information exactly as it was lodged with ASIC. Therefore, changes cannot be made to company documents once they are registered with ASIC.

What's included with your order

If you place an order for printing and binding services with us, we will arrange for the complete set of documents purchased to be courier delivered to you.

The documents sent will depend on the product purchased.

Example: If you set up a company you will receive

  • A "2 ring" binder for the Company Register
  • A complete set of index tab
  • 2 bound copies of the constitution
  • A Full set of documents including establishment kit, minutes, share applications, share certificates, consents etc.
  • You can order printing and binding services for an additional cost starting at $78.65 inc. GST
  • You can also order a company seal for an additional $49.50 inc. GST
Where and when do we deliver
  • We deliver Australia-wide
  • Deliveries are made within 2-5 business days for metropolitan areas.
  • Orders for delivery in regional areas may take longer.
  • Orders accompanied by company seals may take an additional day.
Track your document(s)

You can now access the courier's consignment number for your printing and binding order, so you can track your package once it's been dispatched

Where to find the consignment number?
  • It's available in your My Documents page in the details of your order.
  • Just navigate to your order and refer the Printing and Binding section for Consignment number.
How to track your order?

Once you get the consignment number, click on track your documents here to track your order and enter the numbers in the allocated place.

Do I still get email copies?

Yes! If you order printing and binding, you still have your electronic copies stored on your account at Cleardocs. You can return to Cleardocs

how to use cleardocs
  • A simple and fast process:

    • process-icn1

      Register as a User - it's free;

    • process-icn1

      Select your required document;

    • process-icn1

      Answer the online interface questions;

      i. If you are unable to complete the question interface, you can save the document and return to it later.

      ii. We provide help-text beside many questions. To see the help-text, simply click the beside the question. Common questions and answers relating to our document packages can also be found at our legal FAQ's.

    • process-icn1

      Pay by credit card
      (Visa or Mastercard);

    • process-icn1

      Receive, download and store the document; and

    • process-icn1

      If printing and binding is ordered, confirm.

    For any questions or assistance in this process, we have local helpline support. Call us on 1300 307 343.

Our entire document suite on demand

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