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SMSF Trustee bundle

SMSF trust setup has never been easier. Our SMSF Trustee Bundle includes everything you need to get started.

Comprehensive SMSF setup online

Quick and convenient, this bundle enables you to set up an SMSF with a corporate trustee in one easy step and includes your ATO registrations, SMSF investment strategy and more.

  • Register the corporate trustee with ASIC and take care of your ABN, TFN and GST registrations as part of the package.
  • Create a tailored SMSF trust deed that provides for borrowing and property investment.
  • Be guided through the process with online guidance in our user-friendly interface.
  • Receive an expertly-drafted company constitution and full set of company and SMSF setup documents, prepared by top 20 law firm, Maddocks.

PLUS save time and ensure data accuracy by integrating with BGL CAS 360 and BGL SimpleFund 360.

  • Cleardocs fee incl GST $374.00
  • ASIC fee $597.00
Product Benefits
  • Full set of tailored company and SMSF setup documents
  • All master documents are updated regularly to comply with SMSF legislation
  • No charge for death benefit nomination or agreements if completed on setup
  • Corporate trustee ACN registration
  • Includes ABN, TFN & GST registration for the trust
  • Extensive online guidance and local phone support
  • Easy-to-use question interface
  • Free 5 minute discussion with a lawyer
  • Copy function for address details – save time on data entry
  • Lodgement with ASIC 24/7 using our electronic lodgement portal
  • Document dashboard and storage
  • Option to simultaneously purchase Cleardocs SMSF Minutes & Resolutions Package at a discounted price
  • Create reserves minutes template
Product Information

What documents are included in the Cleardocs package?

Your document package includes a full set of documents for your SMSF and Corporate Trustee:

Superannuation Trust (SMSF)

  • the SMSF Trust Deed - the Deed is customised to reflect whether the SMSF has an individual or corporate trustee;
  • a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS);
  • Certificate of Compliance for roll-over of member benefits, sometimes called the Rollover application letter;
  • generic investment strategy (a specific investment strategy can be created using the SMSF Investment Strategy product).
  • Consents for the Trustees, or directors of the corporate Trustee;
  • Minutes to set up the SMSF and set its investment strategy;
  • Applications, beneficiary notices and TFN notices for the SMSF members;
  • ATO trustee declaration form;
  • Written confirmation of ABN registration (optional extra) received direct from the Australian Business Register; and

Company Registration

  • Certificate of Registration - which shows the ACN (Australian Company Number), the date of registration, and the registered company name
  • Written confirmation of ABN registration (optional extra) received direct from the Australian Business Register
  • the company's Constitution
  • Consent to act as Director
  • Consent to act as Secretary
  • Application for shares
  • Minutes of a meeting of directors
  • Share Certificates
  • Consent to act as Public Officer
  • Notice of appointment of Public Officer


  • ABN, TFN & GST registration for the trust
  • Reserves minute template
  • Establishment Kit explaining what to do next.

What information do you need to set up your SMSF Trustee Bundle?

You can download checklists associated with the Cleardocs documents:

Company may ONLY be the trustee of a superannuation fund

This product will register a company which is set up only to be the trustee of a superannuation fund - it is not allowed to do anything else. If you wish for the company to be able to do other things, you should use the Company Registration document package.

General Information for your Superannuation Trust (SMSF)

You can read about setting up an SMSF Trust through Cleardocs on the Superannuation Trust (SMSF) product page.

General Information for your Company Registration

You can read about registering a proprietary limited company through Cleardocs on the Company Registration product page.

Seek legal advice

The SMSF Trustee Bundle information here should be considered general in nature, and in no way interpreted as legal advice. You must always seek your own independent legal, accounting and financial advice about your particular situation. The summary on this page is for information purposes only.

Frequently Asked Legal Questions

Cleardocs is not a law firm. So as with all the legal material on this site, the answers to these "frequently asked legal questions" are provided by the law firm Maddocks. Cleardocs does not endorse those answers.

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Can my SMSF have up to 6 individual trustees?

Legally, yes. However, more than 3 individual trustees is unwieldly and makes registration of assets in the name of the SMSF difficult (for example, brokers and ASX companies will not follow more than 3 people to be listed as owners of shares). Maddocks, therefore, does not recommend that a SMSF has more than 3 individual trustees. Instead of appointing more than 3 individual trustees of a SMSF, we recommend that you consider appointing a corporate trustee.

Do I need a Director Identification Number?

It is a requirement of law that directors now hold a Director Identification Number. If the product you are purchasing involves the creation of a company, creation of a corporate trustee or the appointment of a new director, then each director of the company/corporate trustee will need to verify their identity by applying for a director identification number (Director ID). Directors will retain the same Director ID even if they cease being a director, become a director of another company, change names or move interstate or overseas. Directors will not need to apply again or renew their applications.

If a person is appointed as a director:

  • between 1 November 2021 and 4 April 2022, they must apply for a Director ID within 28 days of appointment.
  • from 5 April 2022, they must apply for a Director ID prior to appointment.

For information on how to set up your Director ID, visit:

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