Sample Australian Legal Documents

Below, you can access some FREE sample legal documents from the legal Cleardocs document packages. They are for Australia. These sample documents are produced from our master documents — which are like legal document templates. Our system personalises and tailors those document templates in response to the answers our customers type in on our interface when ordering legal document packages. All our legal document templates and interfaces are signed-off by our lawyers at Maddocks — which is a top-20 Australian law firm.

Personalising and Tailoring As with all Cleardocs documents, the sophisticated online question interface allows you to tailor the legal documents with dozens of variables to cater for hundreds of situations. The sample legal documents here are obviously only one possible combination of those variables.

Review Please feel free to download, save and circulate these sample documents within your firm or to a colleague, for review. We encourage you to compare our sample documents with those from your current provider.

Primary document and Ancillary documents Every document package comes with all the necessary accompanying documents — for example: minutes, consents etc. However, in the sample documents you can download from this page, we provide only the 'primary' document in each of document package. For example, for our company registration document package, we provide a sample document of the Constitution. But when you order the company registration package from Cleardocs, we also provide share certificates, consents etc. For the full list of documents included in each of our document packages, click here and then click on the relevant product.

Adobe Acrobat The sample legal documents are provided in a .pdf format, as they are protected samples only. They can be read by virtually any PDF reader(including Adobe Acrobat).

IMPORTANT: You may find it easier to read these sample documents if you right-click the file and select 'Open in New Window'.


Company: Sample Legal Documents

Trust Documents

Trusts: Sample Legal Documents


Superannuation (SMSF): Sample Legal Documents

Business Services

Business Services: Sample Legal Documents

Estate Planning

Estate Planning: Sample Legal Documents

Employment and HR

Employment and HR: Sample Legal Documents

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