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Check printing & binding delivery with courier's consignment number

You can now access the courier's consignment number for your printing and binding order, so you can track your package once it's been dispatched.

For various reasons, some packages are not delivered by the expected time — for example, if no-one is available to sign for it, or if the delivery address is at a building with multiple offices.

If the courier cannot deliver the package, then the courier usually delivers it to the nearest post office.

This new "consignment number" tool lets you see if that's happened — and if it has, the system lets you find out which post office has the package.

Using the feature is free.

Where to find the consignment number

To find the consignment number for your order, all you do is:

  • click the green 'More' button on the right hand side of your document order; and
  • in the 'What's next?' box, under 'Printing — Binding' you will see the consignment number for your order. It's just under the dispatch time and date.

How to track your order

To track your order:

  • click on the link to the Australian Air Express homepage — the links is just below the consignment number; and
  • use that website‚??s search function to find your order.

The Australian Air Express page will then show you a 'Consignment Summary'. Here you can see the entire process for the delivery of the document since it has been dispatched — including:

  • where it was eventually delivered to (maybe a nearby post office); and
  • if to the delivery address, who signed for it.

More efficient

The convenience of having this "consignment number" tool means that if a document isn't delivered by its expected time, then you can find out exactly where it is. And you can do it at any time of any day.

This new feature means less time and effort chasing document packages and more time getting on with more important things.