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ClearNews June 2010

Signing clause update complete

We have now completed updating all the signing clauses used in our documents — the SMSF Death Benefit Agreement was completed last week. 

We updated our signing clauses because of feedback from banks. Even though our existing signing clauses were legally effective, we made the change to improve efficiency for our customers when dealing with banks. The change removed reference to signing by an authorised person from our interface.

More accessible help text — see the help icon

To make it easier for you to notice and use the online help text we provide, we are making it more prominent and more flexible. With the new approach, an "i" icon appears just beside each question that has help text. When you click on the icon, a pop-up box appears with the relevant help text. You can move the box around and even resize it.

So far we have implemented the new icon and system for the Discretionary Trust interface. We will steadily add it to the interfaces for our other document packages.

Until the new system is implemented, the online help text appears in the right-hand column beside the relevant question — just as it always has.

Estate planning courses for private wealth management professional advisors

The dates for the Estate Planning courses designed to integrate with the Estate Planning documents Cleardocs is steadily developing are below.

The courses have been developed for the benefit of private wealth management professional advisors by our partner Estplan, with the University of Technology Sydney.

2 Day General Practitioners Course — with additional 4 day option

Brisbane Tue 6 & Wed 7 Jul

Perth Thur 8 & Fri 9 Jul

Sydney 15 & 16 Aug

Melbourne 9 & 10 Sept

Sydney 12 & 13 Nov

For more information about these course dates, please click on the link below:

6 Day Spring Semester

Sydney 2 & 3 Aug, 2 & 3 Sept, and 5 & 6 Oct

Melbourne 27 & 28 Aug, 12 & 13 Sept, and 15 & 16 Oct

For more information about these course dates, please click on the link below: