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Two company registration related document packages — how our new package fits in

Two company registration related document packages — how our new package fits in Christopher Balmford

You can use Cleardocs to arrange two document packages for company registrations:

  • Package One: Set up documents and online registration at ASIC

    Our long-standing online Company Registration package — which includes instant electronic lodgement with ASIC and delivery of the Constitution, ACN, and all the documents you need to set up a "Pty Ltd" company; and

  • Package Two: Set up documents for a company already registered

    Our new Registration Documents Only package provides all the documents you need to set up the company register for a "Pty Ltd" company already registered with ASIC. The package includes:

    • Constitution
    • Circulated resolution by which the members adopt the constitution
    • Consent to act as Director
    • Consent to act as Secretary (if required)
    • Consent by occupier form for registered office (if required)
    • Minutes of a meeting of Directors
    • Application for shares
    • Share certificates.

    The constitution is adopted to replace the replaceable rules, which govern the company from its registration. The consents, applications and certificates are "confirming" documents, which recognise that they are signed after the company is registered.

Why we launched the Registration Documents Only package

We launched the Registration Documents Only package because people often need the documents for a company that they — or their client — have registered directly with ASIC either:

  • by using a paper form; or
  • through an accounting software package.

Although these people have registered a company, they don't have the constitution, consents etc. which they need:

  • to comply with the law;
  • to have to have a complete company register; and
  • to open a bank account.

Two other constitution related document packages

We also have two other constitution related products:

  • Change to Constitution

    The document package required for an existing "Pty Ltd" company to change: from:

    • an old Constitution, or even older, Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association;
    • to the flexible, plain-language Cleardocs Constitution.

    The package includes:

    • New Constitution — including Division 7A loan provisions
    • Minutes of a meeting of Directors
    • Notice of General Meeting of Shareholders
    • Basic Proxy forms (if needed)
    • Circulated Resolutions for General Meeting of Shareholders

    (ASIC does not require notice of the change to the constitution so there are no ASIC fees and no ASIC forms.)

  • Change to Sole Director

    The document package provides all the documents required for all-but-one of the directors of an existing "Pty Ltd" to resign. The package includes the flexible, plain-language Cleardocs Constitution — which allows the company to have only one director. Many people change their company to a one-director structure to help limit liability. (Before late 1995, the law required a "Pty Ltd" company to have at least 2 directors. So many companies' documents still require the company to have at least 2 directors.)

    The package includes:

    • Minutes of Meeting of Directors
    • Consent to Short Notice of General Meeting
    • Notice of Meeting
    • Minutes of General Meeting of Members
    • Resignations as Director (and Secretary if required)
    • Consent to Act as Secretary (if required)
    • Share Transfer forms (if required)
    • Constitution.