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Insurance services for your clients, earn $78,750 from two successful referrals a week

Cleardocs has partnered with Accountants Insurance Services (AIS) which services the insurance needs of accounting clients across Australia. AIS says that it:

  • helps you as an accountant to cover-off your duty of care with your clients; and
  • enables you to build a growing asset base through earning commission.

Christopher Balmford

If you refer 2 clients a week who sign-up for the AIS insurance, you can earn $78,750 a year.

Currently, when you see a client, what do you do about their life and income protection insurance requirements?

Australian Insurance Services (AIS) asks "If you do nothing, then what happens about your duty of care as an accountant and business advisor?"

Accountants can use AIS to arrange insurance that helps provide financial security to their clients after major accidents, in life-changing illnesses, or after premature death.

Even though many people think "It will never happen to me", one accountant who uses AIS has already had claims made by three clients. Accountant Adam Rogers is an AIS sub-authorised representative who runs an accounting firm on the Sunshine Coast. Here are his clients' stories:

    Heavy-vehicle driver claims for a shoulder dislocated in a touch football accident

  1. While playing touch football, Adam's client dislocated his shoulder — not good for someone whose job is driving a heavy-vehicle all day.
  2. There were complications during the client's recovery, and he was off work for 4 months — living week to week, with rent to pay, and all the normal costs of living. Without the Income Protection insurance Adam arranged for him, the client might have been evicted from his home and might have had to borrow just to get by.

    Plumber claims for leg cancer

  3. Adam's client claimed under Income Protection insurance when a cancerous growth — which started as an innocent sore spot on his knee — caused him to miss 8 months' work.
  4. The policy paid a replacement salary for his time off work. The client was able:

    • to maintain his lifestyle, without having to compromise too much on day-to-day living; and
    • to keep his investments and keep making his debt repayments.

    Adam had arranged the insurance policy for the client only a few months earlier — and the premium was tax deductible.

    Mother performing home duties claims for breast cancer

  5. For a client, Adam arranged trauma insurance which pays a lump sum if the person suffers a "traumatic" illness — for example, a heart attack, a stroke, cancer, and a wide range of other illnesses.
  6. Three weeks after the client was diagnosed with breast cancer, the insurance paid her $130,000 which she used:

    • to pay for extensive medical treatment and eventually a mastectomy;
    • to pay-off a sizeable amount of the house mortgage; and
    • to take the family — including her two teenage children — on a worldwide holiday once she had fully recovered.

Service for accountants to help their clients

AIS is specifically designed for accountants, to make it easy for you to protect your clients, to ensure your duty of care is covered, and to reward you with an upfront and trail commission.

As AIS says:

  • "How would you like to earn $78,750 from two successful insurance referrals a week?
  • How would you like to receive ongoing trail income — an asset that you can sell in the future?
  • Sound too good to be true? Look at AIS's 'Online Calculator' to see how much revenue you could generate."