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Manage your risk: backup all your electronic data online

Datagard & Cleardocs offer you a quick, easy, and secure way to backup all your electronic data. Datagard will:

  • save you money compared to other backup solutions; and
  • provide extra features that traditional backup systems don't have.


By using Datagard to securely complete your daily backup, you protect your business's biggest asset — its data. Data loss affects a business in so many ways, from staff working inefficiently, to time delays in getting information to the people who need it — who are often your clients or customers.

Approximately 60% of companies that lose their data fail within 6 months.

An example: an electrical storm wipes a professional firm's tape back up

What went wrong A law firm in Ballarat, Victoria was using a tape backup to complete its firm-wide backups. The receptionist was supposed to change the tapes everyday and to take the tapes home. However, sometimes the receptionist:

  • didn't backup; or
  • left the tapes at work overnight — which meant the previous day's data backup was overwritten that night.

One weekend in November, 2007, a lightning strike damaged the firm's file server beyond repair. The firm's IT person spent many hours installing a new server but was unable to recovery any of the firm's data.

The receptionist was on holiday for a fortnight in Noosa. The only backup tapes the firm could find were from 3 weeks earlier.

One-hour backup with Datagard If the firm had been using Datagard, then one hour after the new server was installed, all the firm's data would have been restored and available as if the lightening strike had never happened.

How Datagard works

Datagard will securely backup all your data to the secured online Vault using the Datagard software and an Internet connection.

Security and encryption Datagard encrypts and compresses your data before it leaves your computer.

Automatic backup reduces the risk of human error Datagard's scheduled automatic backups reduce the risk of human error because nobody has to do anything to backup your data. Instead, the software does the backup on schedule. So when someone — say, the law firm's receptionist — is on holiday, or ill, or busy, then the software still does the backup.

Saving staff time The automated software backup saves your staff time — while increasing the reliability of your backup.

More information?
You can:

  • sign-up for Datagard here; or
  • email who will arrange for a Datagard representative to contact you.