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Estplan — Estate Planning Training

We are currently developing documents which will enable you to seamlessly introduce estate planning into your practise.

Demand for estate planning is growing exponentially — fuelled by an aging population and intergenerational fund transfers. Estate planning is a service that requires complementary teams of accountants, lawyers and financial advisers.

Our alliance partner — Estplan — is a premium family wealth management education and implementation services provider. Their courses offer a sound framework that integrates financial, legal and taxation knowledge to enable competent estate planning advice for the client. You can do a 2 day course, then decide to become a specialist by completing 4 additional days. The 6 day course is accredited by the University of Technology Sydney. Each course helps you position yourself as the lead adviser for your client. You can use the Estplan website as a supportive community for complementary estate planning professionals.

Cleardocs clients who book and pay for one of the courses listed below receive 10% off the 2-day course fee. To get the discount, please tell Estplan you are a Cleardocs customer when you book.

General Practitioner Course (2 days) http://www.estplan.com.au/services-and-products/products/2-day-gp-course.html

For more information email admin@estplan.com.au or call 1300 ESTPLAN.

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