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"Green from day one" carbon offset generates $2,200 for carbon reduction and better education

Through "Green from day one", we enable you to pay $2.00 to offset the carbon emissions associated with the document package you order from Cleardocs — that way, your company, trust, or SMSF can be "Green from day one".

Since we launched the carbon-offset program in late 2009, Cleardocs customers have paid a total of $2,200 which our partner Carbon Community Foundation is using on carbon reduction initiatives in third world countries.

Christopher Balmford

Cleardocs has partnered with Carbon Community Foundation, a Melbourne-based non-profit organisation. The Foundation's mission is to supply affordable and ultra-efficient solar lighting technologies to poor communities in developing countries. In this way, people replace kerosene with clean energy.

Carbon Community is using the $2.00 paid by Cleardocs customers to supply communities in Tanzania, Africa with solar lights — which cost about $23 each.

By replacing kerosene with clean energy, the environment benefits through reduced carbon emissions and the local people's lives are transformed through:

  • more disposable income — from reduced or zero purchase of expensive kerosene;
  • reduced danger from burns and indoor pollution; and
  • vastly improved lighting — enabling reading and education at night.

At Cleardocs, we care about clear communication — which helps people to better understand the world. So it's satisfying that our customers and our carbon-reduction partner have so far provided about 100 families with lighting to help them study — while reducing their carbon footprint.

For more information about the work of Carbon Community: