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Insurance — The potential gold mine within your data base

Cleardocs has recently added Accountants Insurance Services (AIS) as a preferred partner. In this article, we explore why insurance is proving to be a windfall for accounting firms — and how the AIS system is working for Cleardocs firms across the country.


AIS has built process-driven systems to make the insurance referral as easy as possible — an area that accountants have struggled with in the past. The AIS systems focus on helping you make the referral, so you can enjoy an industry leading commission paid to you. This equates to 40% of all commissions paid by the insurance companies (including trail income).

One firm's story

One of the accounting firms that joined the AIS system early on is Sharp As Tax, in Littlehampton, South Australia. Headed by Garry Mueller, Sharp As Tax has commenced referring potential insurance clients to AIS, and has warmed to the way AIS does business. One of the most effective and important processes that has impressed Garry with the AIS system is the weekly update of referrals. Each week, every accounting firm with AIS receives an up to date status on each referral that has been made.

Greg Holman, one of the founding directors of AIS, agrees that this updating feature is paramount to a successful referral relationship — 'It is great to hear feedback from Sharp As Tax around our communication and how they love to know where their clients are up to. In the past, a lack of communication is why so many referral networks fall over. At AIS, we are continually looking for ways to improve our feedback to accountants. After all, it is their clients we are helping.'

In July and August 2009, Sharp As Tax referred over 20 potential insurance clients to AIS. An authorised AIS representative then works with the client to implement the most appropriate levels of cover within the client's budget.

AIS and your firm

Possibly the most important reason to consider AIS for your business, Greg Holman says "is that you can satisfy your duty of care to your clients around their personal insurance needs. Along the way, you can start to build an asset base that grows over time, with knowledge that your clients have the cover they need".

To learn more about the AIS system, call them now on 1800 504 606.