First time registering a Company at Cleardocs?

As this is your first time registering a Company using Cleardocs, here are answers to common legal questions. They are provided by our lawyers, Maddocks.

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Does Cleardocs automatically register the company for an ABN and/or TFN?

No. You must complete this part yourself at the ATO's Australian Business Register website ( — after your company has been registered.

Is the certificate of registration that Cleardocs issues sufficient to open a bank account?

Yes. ASIC no longer issues paper copies of the certificate. If your bank does not accept your printed copy, ask them to speak to ASIC directly on 1300 300 630.

Can a trust be a shareholder?

No, but the trustee of a trust can. Click here to read more...

Can my company have different classes of shares?

Yes. Download our sample Constitution by clicking here to see the different share classes and their respective rights (listed under Schedule 1).