Calling Cleardocs & Maddocks

What is the Cleardocs Help Desk?

The Help Desk is a service co-ordinated by Cleardocs, with its lawyers, Maddocks, to answer customers' questions about using Cleardocs and its documents.

Who should I call?

You should call Cleardocs first on 1300 307 343. Then:

  1. Cleardocs will answer all your administrative queries. These include queries about our service, our website, registering as a user, payment or feedback; and
  2. Maddocks will answer all your questions about the nature, content, use, consequences, drafting and effectiveness of our documents.

If you need to speak with Maddocks, then Cleardocs will provide you with the phone number of the relevant lawyer.

When should I call?

You should call Cleardocs after you have reviewed the FAQs relevant to the product you are purchasing or considering purchasing. Most of the queries people have are answered in the FAQs.

Does Maddocks offer free legal advice?

No. The Maddocks free Help Desk service cannot give legal advice.

Maddocks drafts the documents for all of the Cleardocs products, and it offers the free Help Desk service to explain the Cleardocs products.

The Maddocks free Help Desk service cannot give you advice about your circumstances: that would be beyond the scope of the service. Nor will Maddocks free Help Desk service advise on how the Cleardocs products apply in your circumstances.

If you require legal advice from Maddocks, then you must instruct Maddocks to open a file for you. Maddocks will provide you with an estimate of its legal fees before its starts doing any work for you.

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The legal information and commentary on this site is general only. Documents ordered through Cleardocs affect the user's legal rights and liabilities. To assess their suitability for the user, legal accounting and financial advice must be obtained.