SMSF Borrowing seminar

The law in this area changed with effect from 7 July 2010. The seminar has not been updated to reflect the changes. Our lawyers at Maddocks summarised the changes in an article we published in our ClearLaw newsletter. You can read the full article here. The changes are in the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Act 2010.

In August 2009, Cleardocs hosted seminars in Melbourne and Sydney focusing on SMSF borrowing through instalment warrant arrangements.

The Seminars were presented by Julian Smith, a partner at Maddocks — and in Melbourne, by Fiona Da Silva from St George Bank, and in Sydney, by Wayne Scott from NAB.

You can view a video of the complete seminar, which covered issues relating to SMSF borrowing from both the trustee's and banks' perspectives.


The topics covered include:
Defining 'Instalment warrants' 8:13
Key structural and documentary requirements 8:46
The banks' perspective — commercial considerations 13:56
Compliance imperatives and risk 29:52
Summary and practical tips 13:25
Readable diagrams on the PowerPoint slides
Diagram 1 — Non-bank lending
Diagram 2 — Bank lending
You can click the "Diagram 1 ..." and "Diagram 2 ..." buttons (below the links to the videos) to see readable versions of the Diagrams in the PowerPoint slides.

More information?

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