ClearLaw April 2008 summary

Publications issued in April 2008 have given us an insight into what's preoccupying the Government's and the ATO's thinking on trusts and SMSFs.

All the publications reviewed in this ClearLaw, show that — particularly in relation to SMSFs and borrowing — important aspects of the regulatory approach are becoming clearer. And the new federal Government and the ATO seem to be singing the same tune.

For those interested in limited recourse lending, the regulatory approach is moving in the right direction.

Taxpayers and their advisers should always exercise caution. As the detail in this particular area continues to be completed, the need for caution applies particularly to the area of limited recourse borrowing by SMSFs.

Only time will tell whether the commonality of thinking between the new Government and the ATO concerning SMSFs will translate into changes to the new borrowing rules. Perhaps the budget on 13 May 2008 will give us a clearer picture.


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